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Stone Edge Farm, the home of Mac and Leslie McQuown, is a beautiful 15-acre organic farm and vineyard located in Sonoma, California. Our microgrid is unique in terms of its three modes of operation with reference to the grid. Like other microgrids, ours can run as an island, disconnected; while connected, it can import power from the grid. What is unique is the third mode: its ability to run parallel, that is, to operate while connected to the grid and import or export energy. While this has never been done before due to regulatory and technological obstacles, we are on the verge of achieving that goal.

We are building a microgrid in order to have the capability of providing our own power. Our farm has seven metered service entrances with PG&E, the local electric company. While one of these connections allows us to send our generated power back to the grid, all of them allow for redundancy in case the microgrid needs assistance.

The original goal for the Stone Edge Farm Microgrid Project was to reduce the farm’s carbon footprint by 50%. Within the first year of construction, we surpassed this goal. Currently, our goal is to discover how far below zero carbon emissions we can actually achieve. Our assets currently include: 300+ solar panels, a natural gas microturbine, an alkaline electrolyzer, hydrogen storage and a vehicle refueling station, a PEM fuel cell, and 300+ kW of batteries.

Currently our partners include: Capstone, DC Systems, Dersch Design & Engineering, Eaton, Emerson, Energy Storage Systems, Enphase Energy, Grid Sights, Independent Electric Supply, Millenium Reign Energy, Persistent Efficiency, PG&E, PlugPower, ReliOn, Sempra, Smart Geotech, Sonoma Clean Power, Sony, Tesla, Wooster Energy Engineering.

Communication System Diagram

  MicroGrid Technical Overview
  SEF MicroGrid Block Diagram

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