MicroGrid Definition

What Is The MicroGrid?

The Stone Edge Farm MicroGrid is a mile-long continuous power line that integrates distributed energy generation and storage resources with electrical loads in a network operating as a single entity with real-time monitoring and control.

The MicroGrid can operate connected or disconnected from the utility grid. When the system disconnects, or islands, it can continue to operate indefinitely on locally generated power.

Is the MicroGrid fully operational or a research and development experiment? The answer is yes. It is both. Universities are able to study a real-world operating system here, and promising new technologies can beta test. The MicroGrid operates for months off the grid, but reconnects with the utility for major operational changes or maintenance.

Why The MicroGrid Is Unique

Prototype: Bold experiment that embraces mistakes as learning experiences.
Retrofit: Purposely explored costs and challenges of upgrading outmoded infrastructure.
Overbuilt: Deliberately integrates numerous disparate components to study trade-offs and economics.
Successful: Literally tested by fire with the capability to operate islanded indefinitely.
Evolving: Fully operational with continuing research and development.
Innovative: Makes hydrogen from the sun for long-term energy storage with instant availability.
Revolutionary: Breakthrough control system integrates diverse assets, different protocols and languages.
Open source: No restrictions on intellectual property.