Mac and Leslie McQuown

The Stone Edge Farm MicroGrid is a living open source laboratory and the vision of one couple.

Leslie and Mac McQuown purchased the first of five contiguous parcels that now comprise Stone Edge Farm in 1995. The seven separate electrical services on these parcels and the family’s wish to route energy efficiently were the genesis of the MicroGrid (see History).

The McQuowns began the MicroGrid with solar panel installations. Resolving to reduce the farm’s carbon footprint by half, they exceeded their goal in one year. Next they decided to explore how far below zero emissions they could go while testing new technologies and business models.

Mac McQuown led a team that created the first stock index fund, and he founded several entrepreneurial financial service companies. A former naval officer, he has served on the board of the Scripps Institution of Oceanography for 15 years.

Leslie McQuown is by inclination and education an interior and exterior designer. Her aesthetic vision informs the architecture, art installations, and landscaping of Stone Edge Farm. The McQuowns are dedicated to addressing the issue of climate change.

Mac and Leslie McQuown, founding owners of the Stone Edge Farm Microgrid

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Craig Wooster

Craig Wooster is CEO of Wooster Energy Engineering, general contractor for the MicroGrid project. He assembled and manages the team of vendor partners (see below) who created the MicroGrid, and also oversees the internship program.

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